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Threads. The Calais cartoon.

Seven hundred and fifty thousand people have fled for their lives to Europe this year. (At least three thousand four hundred ...
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Some things are way too obvious for a cartoon. Instead, here's a picture inspired by the Today programme's complete inability ...
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Today, in a country which is becoming rapidly more unequal, and where rising numbers of people are reliant on food ...
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Welfare Queen

A cartoon to commemorate the christening of the laverly Princess Charlotte Gawd-Bless-er-Little-Cotton-Socks.     ...
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‘Partners too’ – illustrations from the partner’s perspective

The partner's experience is usually overlooked when women miscarry. The Miscarriage Association sought to rectify that, and commissioned these illustrations ...
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‘Teens too’ – illustrations on teenage miscarriage

Another commission from the Miscarriage Association, this time tackling the stigma, judgement, assumptions and isolation that younger women suffer when ...
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How monkey mama does it

When I market-tested this chapter, some readers assumed it was about birth. It's not. It's about birth. It's about what ...
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NHS plc

They privatised the NHS. Did anyone notice yet? You can buy a printable poster version of this cartoon here.     ...
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Let’s play Welfare Reform!

What lucky prize will you win? Higher childcare costs? Housing benefit caps? Payday loans? Workfare? Scum on down! Let's play.. ...
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The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

It's here. It's scary. My latest cartoon for The Spark magazine says it all ...
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A romantic moment.

Here's Rosa Luxemburg getting passionate with Paul Levi, the future leader of the German Communist Party. I drew this for ...
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This is actually, all my fault.

I get slapped awake every weekday morning by the Today programme outlining some latest Government outrage. And what I find hardest ...
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Carbon Supermarket

Read my companion comic to Funny Weather. The international response to climate change can be summed up in two broad strands ...
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Seven bloody years

The UK and US occupation of Iraq. An unfinished project.   ...
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Funny Weather We’re Having at the Moment…

Here is the first chapter of Funny Weather: Everything you Didn't Want to Know About Climate Change but Probably Should ...
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The invasion of Iraq

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…this isn’t news.

I spent eleven days with the International Solidarity Movement in Jerusalem and the West Bank in 2002. I am not ...
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This cartoon is mainly a send-up of life at Lifespan/Townhead Collective housing co-op, with some Glaneirw, some Orchardton and a ...
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Cosmic hitching

Some subcultural cartoons about hitching, hippies and headlice.               ...
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Ten Thousand Trees

Ten thousand words from 'Ten Thousand Trees', the chapter from Copse: the Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting which details the fight against the ...
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What would you do for money?

A poem and artoon about global capitalism. This cartoon originally appeared in Copse: the Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting. While we're on ...
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The Battle of Brynhenllys

Brynhenllys Farm, Cwmtwrch, South Wales. Bulldozed for an opencast coal mine, October 1995. We fought them on the beeches...       This cartoon appears ...
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The eviction of Claremont Road

The Claremont Road eviction lasted from 28th November to 5th December 1994. I was there for the first 24 hours ...
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The Criminal Justice Act

was the spur for my initial involvement in political activism. The Tories knew what they were doing when they criminalised raves ...
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My first cartoon

This is my first proper cartoon. Isn't it cute? Look, I did the lettering with brush tippex, before tippex pens ...
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Website Design

Thanks to Lisa Cole at Naked Website, my marvellous webmistress. You too can employ her, tho I think she has a ...
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