Launch Paaaaaarrrrrtttttyyyy!!!!!

That was fun! Thanks everyone for coming. More Bump launch events will be happening around the country this summer.

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The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

It’s here. It’s scary. My latest cartoon for The Spark magazine says it all.


A romantic moment.

Here’s Rosa Luxemburg getting passionate with Paul Levi, the future leader of the German Communist Party. I drew this for the sample for the graphic novel, but it won’t make the final cut, so you can see it here instead.


Funny weather we’re having at the moment, isn’t it dear?

Well, that didn’t take long. I drew this book cover eight years ago.



I grew up in Weybridge in Surrey. That’s my mum and my sister in that car, so although you’d not know by looking, this picture is based there.

Weybridge today.



Is there anything you don’t want to know about climate change but probably should find out?

Read an excerpt of the comic here.

Red Rosa

Bump is finished, bar the edits (see the ‘forthcoming projects’ tab) and now it’s time to crack on with the next book.

I’m actually writing a graphic novel for a change, rather than my usual melange of hard-to-categorise cartoons and information. This is going to be all-illustrated, hand lettered, meticulously researched and steeped in period detail, and the subject is Rosa Luxemburg.

She is so cool. Born in 1871, murdered in 1919, liberated, incredibly intelligent, fiery, artistic, a passionate exponent of scientific socialism and an uncompromising critic of capitalism and opponent of militarism – Rosa Luxemburg rocked. And she was gorgeous.



Red Rosa (my working title. I don’t think they’ll go for my preferred choice: Bloody Rosa) will be published by Verso next summer.







Fracking hell…


A Bank Holiday cartoon

I did this for my forthcoming pregnancy book, but I’m posting it here because everyone needs a snuggle.

In Remembrance


I don’t remember this happening before. When a UK politician dies, I don’t remember them being elevated to the status of royalty. I don’t ever recall a £10million public funeral with full military honours , Parliament being recalled for an entire day of eulogising and a nice fat expenses cheque for each MP. When Winston [...]

In Memoriam


Yesterday was great. I was up, on my computer, and had compiled (well, recycled) a topical cartoon blog post by 10.30 am. Leaving me a whole day to get on with my actual work of graphic novel writing.

Then the news breaks that Mrs Thatcher has died. Which is cartoon gold.

I bring you the [...]

Personal Independence Payments


Today’s lovely ‘reform’ (a word which gives the erroneous impression that things are getting better) is the Personal Independence Payment for disabled people. 20% of people who are too sick to work won’t qualify for the new payment, will be left destitute, and may be forced into compulsory, indefinite workfare slavery for whatever benefits they [...]