‘Partners too’ – illustrations from the partner’s perspective

The partner’s experience is usually overlooked when women miscarry. The Miscarriage Association sought to rectify that, and commissioned these illustrations based on interviews with partners, both men and women. You can see them here with the quotes from those interviews, or you can view them below without captions.

Dr Petra Boynton, writing in the Lancet, explores how the emotional impact of miscarriage on both parents is often ignored:

‘The very first cartoon Kate drew took me straight back to the darkened room with the sonographer and her “I’m sorry, I can’t see anything”. It easily could have been my partner and me sitting there in shock. Communication during and after miscarriage is complex and often problematic. Seeing films and cartoons that share similar stories allows people to say “that’s how I felt” or provides a way in to find out how someone is coping. They can remind friends and relatives to ask women who have miscarried and their partners if they are okay.’









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