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ARE YOU fed up of Fairy Tale Princesses waiting to be saved?
And DO YOU want some decent heroines who aren’t so well-behaved?
WHAT IF we gave The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White
Some BRAND NEW Happy Ever Afters, and an up-to-date rewrite?


“The best children’s book I have seen in years. This feminist retake on fairy tales is long overdue!”
“Outstanding, powerful, a must-have. Where was this book when I was a little girl?”
“Important life lessons conveyed through beautiful drawings and clever rhymes. Thoroughly recommended!”
“It should be on the shelf in every nursery and primary school library.”
“Seriously, it’s like better than any other book.” – Iona, aged six 
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Get a copy of Don’t Call Me Princess! for just £13 including UK postage & packing with a personalised dedication from the author if you wish. That’s only 82p more than Amazon, and Amazon doesn’t pay fair wages, fair royalties, or fair taxes.


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