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Things are busy in cartoonkateland at the moment. I have a new book in the pipeline, and I’m trying to plough through 150 pages of roughs.When I saw a request on Facebook “does anyone know how to get in touch with Kate Evans” I answered it with an extremely wary “Why?” ┬áBut, it was the Phone Credit for Refugees Facebook group, who are in the process of setting up as a registered charity, requesting some logo design. Once I found that out, I couldn’t say no.

Because they saved the life of one small boy and 15 men last month. Ahmed had been given a phone by Liz Clegg and Inca Sorrell at the Unofficial Women and Children’s Centre in the Calais Jungle. The credit on it had been topped up by a charitable donor from the Phone Credit for Refugees group. And that is why, when they started to suffocate in the back of the lorry they were travelling in, Ahmed was able to send these text messages, which saved their lives.


“No oksijan” means “no oxygen”. Nobody should be taking these risks to make a UK asylum application. This is from a seven-year-old child, travelling with his older brother.

The reason why this seems very personal to me, is that I have met Ahmed, and if you’ve been reading my blog, so have you.

Here he is:



Please, please, if you can spare the odd 5, 10 or 20 pounds, join the Phone Credit for Refugees Facebook group, and give it to someone in need.


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