Birth: How monkey mama does it

A chapter from Bump

bumpThe Monkey Mama chapter of  Bump, how to make, grow and birth a baby will tell you everything you need to know about how natural birth functions. It is the story of all the good births from all the women throughout history, including countless numbers of your ancestors. It is a comic but it has been peer reviewed by professors of midwifery. Everything you are about to read really happens.

Not just about home birth

When I market-tested this chapter, some readers assumed it was about home birth. It’s not. It’s about birth. It’s about what has happened when women have had babies since time immemorial. I gave it a historical setting because it’s a primal creation myth: it’s the story of a maiden, a mother and a crone. Oh, and I also wanted to be able to draw women with hairy fannies without it being a political statement.

Wit and wisdom, peer reviewed

Trying for a baby? Avoiding a baby? Losing a baby (sniff sniff)? Growing a baby? Birthing a baby? Traditionally or surgically? This is the book for you! Illustrated throughout with funky cartoons, a signed copy of Bump with a personal dedication is yours for just £20 (within the UK) or £25 (‘foreign climes’). An absolute bargain for 320 pages of wit and wisdom.



















8 Comments on “Birth: How monkey mama does it”

  1. Wow, fabulous and amazing words and illustrations – i feel exhausted reaching the bottom of the page!!!


    Just discovered you through twitter – love your work 🙂

    best wishes


  2. This year, MHI has created a Mama Baby Task Force to address disparities in perinatal mortality facing women of color. While our scope

  3. Just absolutely had to let you know that your conjured-up (not the right wording perhaps…I am the sleep deprived proud mama of a 3 weeks old…) words of timeless wisdom were with me for my second birth and meant so much to me. My first was a less than ideal hospital birth for many reasons that I won’t get into. During my second pregnancy, my midwife gave me a copy of your book. I fell in love with it-the perfect mix of wit, wisdom, common sense and reassurance, all delivered in a comforting voice that could have been that of a close friend. Anyway, as I labored in my living room, close to delivery and in the throes of the ” i can’t do this” phase, I glanced over and saw your book, specifically the hearts on the back binding cover. Your book spoke to me, the hearts giving me the love and strength of women through time the world over. I worked up some animal grunts and…I did it! Thank you.

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