NHS plc

They privatised the NHS. Did anyone notice yet?


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  1. How did the UK government get away with this? It turned the NHS into a facsimile of the U.S.’s nasty privatized health insurance system.

    Any working class American can tell you what a horrible nightmare our for-profit system is. In practical terms, U.S. doctors now work for private insurers. The insurers’ accountants make ALL the medical decisions merely by decreeing which procedures and medications they will not pay for (i.e., most of them). Our doctors are reduced to relaying the bad news that we patients must endure worse medical outcomes for the sole reason we are not rich. The patient’s stark choice: entering into massive debt (and, frequently, personal bankruptcy) to afford treatment. Or remain solvent while suffering needlessly due to lack of treatment, deferred for solely economic reasons. Is it any wonder that my primary care physician looks more depressed and overweight at every annual check-up? He worked long and hard to become an internist to serve humanity, and instead he is the vassal of MBAs who view each denied claim as a payment on their Mercedes.

    I beseech my British brothers and sisters to find a way to reverse this horrifying privatization process NOW, while you still can. Any MP that does not commit to ending this privatization scam immediately must be told, in no uncertain terms, he or she will sent packing immediately unless this privatization is stopped. If you delay this, the private insurance paper-shufflers and profiteers quickly will become as entrenched as they are here in the USA. To paraphrase the old advertising slogan:

    Just do it!

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