A British breastfeeding bestseller, The Food of Love is a fresh and funny guide to parenthood. This book explains everything you’ll need to know to breastfeed successfully, and a lot more.

…beat the baby blues… learn to feed in your sleep… see simple instructions for your first feeds… chuckle at the Mama Sutra – crazy breastfeeding positions!

New mothers say: 

“It changed my life. It made me feel good about what I was doing and the fact that I was following my instincts.”

“I am getting more sleep, and so is my boy!”

Healthcare professionals say:

“As a General Practitioner and mother I highly recommend this book – all the facts are spot on!”

“Refreshing, beautiful, informative and best of all, funny.” Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

Davina McCall says:

“Amazing – I laughed out loud.

The Food of Love is the best book you can buy for new baby care.  Order copy and see for yourself! £16 for within the UK or £21 for outside the UK. Or browse some excerpts and other parenting musings in the posts below.


Kate Evans The Food of Love

How often should you feed your baby? (Part 1) Excerpt from The Food Of Love

This is an excerpt from The Food of Love Please feel free to share the images and the post but don't forget to credit www.cartoonkate.co.uk. ‘By two weeks, your baby... should manage to last three to four hours between feeds.’ The New Little Contented Baby Book ‘The infant should be put to the breast at regular intervals of about four hours.’ Chambers Encyclopedia, Vol 10, 1880 ‘A baby that is latched on correctly will rarely need to spend more than an hour feeding.’ What to Expect When You’re Breastfeeding – And What if You Can’t? ‘If he were suckled at ...
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flames of creation

‘You’ll ruin your figure!’ – Excerpt from The Food of Love

This is an excerpt from The Food of Love Please feel free to share the images and the post but don't forget to credit www.cartoonkate.co.uk. Do you remember when you were a child, playing with your Barbie Doll and thinking about what life would be like when you were Grown Up? Well, d’you know what? Real women don’t look like that. What do women actually look like? Do we even know? Take this representation of the female form. Titian painted Venus Anadyomene in 1520. She looks pretty realistic, except for the chest area. Like almost every other male painter in ...
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Kate Evans The Food of Love

How to feed your baby – excerpt from The Food Of Love

This is an excerpt from The Food of Love Please feel free to share the images and the post but don't forget to credit www.cartoonkate.co.uk. The thing is, babies don’t feed from the breast the same way that they feed from a bottle. To bottle-feed a baby, you place the rubber teat of the bottle between her gums, she sucks and the milk drips in. You don’t force the end of the teat way back into the baby’s mouth. That would choke her. Breastfeeding is different. Here the baby’s gums have to mash right up into the milk reservoirs, behind the areola ...
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“Parents who practice elimination communication are overachievers.” Discuss.

This cartoon sums up the first six weeks of my daughters life, but at the point when I drew it, I started using nappies with her. Now, two years later, we are finally toilet training, and I thought I'd take a look back at "EC", and discuss what we learned. I was enthusiastic about elimination communication. It made sense that my baby should be able to communicate when she needed to wee, and going nappy-free felt like a move to a more authentic, natural, pre-consumerist mode of parenting. I also wasn't relishing the real nappy/launderette experience – it works out ...
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Lashing back against the backlash.

“The backlash against breastfeeding” writes Zoe Williams. Here it is, in print, in the Guardian. I have to reply. It’s a tortuous article, with some twisted logic, so bear with me, while I try to untangle it. Let’s skip to halfway down; breastfeeding as anti-feminist. Apparently, French ‘feminist’ Elisabeth Badinter thinks that breastfeeding, natural labour, co-sleeping and giving up work “subjugates a woman’s professional, sexual, spousal, adult identity”. Er? Deep breath. OK, here goes. Birth and breastfeeding are not part of a woman’s ‘adult identity’? How can this not be ‘adult’? You can’t do this as a child. ‘Sexual identity’? ...
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One of the less than one percent.

Here’s my nearly five-month-old daughter. Do you know what she ate today? Breastmilk. Do you know what she’ll be eating tomorrow? Breastmilk. Fewer than one percent of babies in the UK are fed pure breastmilk to the age of six months, despite a compelling scientific consensus that that’s all they need. Last week saw another stunning media coup by the babyfood industry. News channels around the world picked up on an article in the British Medical Journal that implies that exclusive breastfeeding for six months harms babies. Take this Guardian article. "SIX MONTHS OF BREASTFEEDING IS TOO LONG AND COULD HARM ...
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