“Utterly brilliant. The best book I’ve read this year.” Steve Bell, Guardian.

“Stunningly good.” Paul Mason, Economics Editor, Channel 4 News.

Red Rosa stands out as a way to do biography right.” LA Review of Books

Best graphic books of 2015 – Observer

Christmas 2015: best seven graphic novels – Independent

“I admire it as an artist. I admire it as a writer. A huge achievement.” Molly Crabapple.

“How do you beat that for interpretative biographical commentary?”

“We could create a better world – peaceful, egalitarian, even joyful – if we are willing to learn from Red Rosa.” Barbara Ehrenreich.

Who was Rosa Luxemburg?



Red Rosa: the graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg.

Author and artist: Kate Evans. Editor Paul Buhle. Verso 2015

You can buy a personalised, dedicated, beautifully packaged copy directly from the author for just £15 (including p&p) within the UK and £20 overseas.

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Red Rosa makes the Bread and Roses shortlist

Red Rosa has been shortlisted for the Bread and Roses award. I’ll be at the London Radical Bookfair on May 7th for the ceremony, where I’ll be giving a talk on the making of the book. I am not taking the suspense well. Will Dr Luxemburg triumph against the five other extremely wonderful books on the shortlist? Or, as is statistically more likely, will she not? ...

London Review Bookshop podcast for International Women’s Day

This March, we’re celebrating women graphic novelists in honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th. As part of our spotlight on Kate Evans, the creator of the cult hit Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg, we present the inaugural Verso podcast in collaboration with the London Review Bookshop and a giveaway competition where you can win a limited edition Rosa Luxemburg tote bags containing a copy of Red Rosa, The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg and The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg. Listen to the podcast to answer the questions below, and read on to find out how to enter! ...

Introducing… the Rosa Luxembag!

To celebrate Red Rosa’s runaway success, Verso have chosen an iconic screenprint of Dr Luxemburg for their latest publicity wheeze. If you’re able to appreciate the ironic appeal of an anti-capitalist shopping bag head over to my webshop. Cheers ...

Radio Rosa

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Two audio interviews about Red Rosa: Interview with Mitchel Cohen, WBIA radio New York. Francesca Rheannon: The Writer’s Voice podcast (also contains fascinating interview with Ted Rall about Edward Snowden) ...

Broadly interview: Rosa Luxemburg, the cat lady

[This interview by Colette Shade is from Broadly, the women’s bits of Vice] Doomed revolutionary, a sexual renegade, a dynamo with a limp, and a prescient critic of both capitalism and Bolshevism, Rosa Luxemburg’s extraordinary life has always deserved a wider audience. Full of travel, political drama, sexual freedom and intellectual feuds — Luxemburg’s journey out of Poland to becoming a leader of the German Communist uprising certainly contains enough excitement to fill the pages of a graphic novel. Thankfully, Kate Evans—a jovial, pink-haired British cartoonist—was commissioned to write and illustrate a biography of Luxemburg by The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation ...

Read the book! The Accumulation of Capital, the Junius pamphlet, and more…

America’s longest-running magazine The Nation is hosting a chunky excerpt from Red Rosa on its website. I’d not recommend reading this one if you’re intending to buy the book, because it’s got some of the absolute best bits in. Click the image to read on, at your own risk of spoilers! ...

Read the book! Rosa Luxemburg explains capitalism using spoons, knives and celery

An excerpt of Red Rosa: the graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg, featured on Truth Out. In this excerpt, the teenage Rosa Luxemburg teaches her family about Marx’s Das Kapital, explaining material and social relations and the problem of money… Click the image for more ...

Interview on Red Rosa: Truth Out talk artistic process and economic prescience

[This article by Joe Macaré accompanies Truth Out’s feature of Red Rosa as its Progressive Pick] Red Rosa‘s author is British cartoonist Kate Evans, hailed by the Guardian’s Steve Bell as “one of the most original talents in comics I’ve seen in a long time.” Truthout spoke with Evans about how the project came to be, how Luxemburg’s prose inspired the book’s art and what lessons we can learn today from the life and works of this extraordinary woman. Joe Macaré: Where did the idea come from to do a graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg? Kate Evans: Red Rosa was ...

Drawing out Rosa Luxemburg’s gender identity

[This article was first featured in the journal e-international relations] My name was put forward as the author/artist of Red Rosa, a graphic biog-raphy of Rosa Luxemburg precisely because the editor Paul Buhle was looking for a female graphic novelist to take the project on. This article will explore how I form representations of Luxemburg’s gender identity in the work and how my lived experiences as a middle-aged woman have informed those constructions. As a comics artist, working with a combination of sequential text and images, I use both textual, linguistic, lineal, ‘left-brain’ formulations and concepts, and also visual, non-verbal, ‘right-brain’ ...

The Making of Red Rosa (short film)

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung put together some edited highlights from New York. This is a taster from my appearance at the Rosa Remix conference in August, followed by an interview with Molly Crabapple at the launch in November ...


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