My first cartoon

This is my first proper cartoon. Isn’t it cute? Look, I did the lettering with brush tippex, before tippex pens were heard of, or photoshop. I got this printed as a postcard and put it in some shops in Brighton.

Some time in the following century, my sister saw this postcard on an Australian lesbian TV drama, propped against the mirror of one of the characters. This means that I have achieved World Cartoon Domination, and can now die happy.


4 Comments on “My first cartoon”

  1. Hi there, I have one of your postcards “can you pinch an inch” from back in the 90’s but it is a little worn and Im desperate for one to put on my wall. Is there a chance I can get hold of one some how?

    1. I just found some in a box! email me your address (or use the contact form) and I’ll post you one. x K

      1. Hi there, thank you so much thats so kind.
        Oh and I bought my original card the year before my son was born and he is now 20 🙂 I have kept it with me and live by the saying! It is very special to me!

  2. I bought this card in 1999 when I was 18 in NZ and it’s been a precious possession ever since. I’ve never thought to look up the artist until now! ❤️

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