Threads from the Refugee Crisis

The stunning, heartbreaking, new graphic novel from Kate Evans. Eyewitness reportage from the Dunkirk and Calais Jungle refugee camps.

Out now, from Verso Books. Dedicated, signed copies can be bought direct from the author below.

“Gripping and beautiful… This is comics journalism at its finest.” – Alison Bechdel
“A hugely moving tribute to human compassion and solidarity… it urges us to think and to act. A must-read.” – Morning Star
“The threads of these people’s lives coalesce to form a bigger picture with an underlying message: we need to treat our fellow humans with care and respect.” – Times Literary Supplement
Winner of the John Laurence Award



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How does it feel to be a refugee in Calais? To be living in a tent in the shantytown known ...

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This is the original blog post that I wrote in October 2015 after a brief visit to the Calais Jungle ...

A day at Dunkirk refugee camp.

“The worst refugee camp in the world” Here’s some art that I’ve worked up, potentially for the Dunkirk refugee camp ...

Read the sample: ‘Threads from the Refugee Crisis’

More threads from the refugee crisis. I have some additional material from Calais that I’m planning to incorporate into a ...






One Comment on “Threads from the Refugee Crisis”

  1. I’ve just read safelandia. I work for Unseen here in Bristol. I already, sadly, know all too well about the stories you published but seeing them in artistic form really helps relay the truth if the story for those who may have never come into contact with a refugee. I hope more people read your stories. It’s devastating, and the way people speak about these poor people makes me sick.
    I honestly feel hopeless sometimes when I see the way our institutions treat them. My work makes me grateful every day.
    Thank you

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