Some things are way too obvious for a cartoon. Instead, here’s a picture inspired by the Today programme’s complete inability to report today’s news.    

In Memoriam (Thatcherism part II)

Yesterday was great. I was up, on my computer, and had compiled (well, recycled) a topical cartoon blog post by 10.30 am. Leaving me a whole day to get on with my actual work of graphic novel writing. Then the news breaks that Mrs Thatcher has died. Which is cartoon gold. I bring you the following image in solemn remembrance … Read More

This is actually, all my fault.

I getĀ slapped awake every weekday morning by the Today programme outlining some latest Government outrage. And what I find hardest about it all, everything, the true horror of it is… I voted for this. Blame me. I voted Lib Dem. No! I really did! I was mysteriously overwhelmed with optimism at the last election, that we were on the brink … Read More