The snappily titled Funny Weather We’re Having at the Moment: Everything you Didn’t Want to Know About Climate Change but Probably Should Find Out was published in 2006, by Myriad Editions, and is based on a comic I originally drew in 2001. The Americans don’t understand our ironic use of the word ‘funny’, so the North American version is titled Weird Weather. There’s also the Italian Il Clima Furioso, which just sounds incredibly stylish, and the Turkish Acayip Havalar. Foreign language rights are available for the rest of the languages on the planet – please contact Myriad. We genuinely are all in this together.

‘More comprehensive than most weighty scientific tomes – and a good deal funnier.’ Mark Lynas, author of ‘Six Degrees’ and ‘High Tide’

‘Thanks to Kate Evans and her original talent for blending meticulous research, humour, and cartoons we need not consult tomes of New Scientists for answers…[and] although Funny Weather is hard-hitting it isn’t based on doom and gloom.’ Peace News

‘…pulls no punches as it pits a ‘dangerous environmental extremist’ against a corpulent, cigar-smoking denier. This tension and the visuals keep the pages turning, but there is much to back up Evans in the form of graphics, statistics and bibliographies.’ – Globe and Mail

‘…packs an impressive amount of information into its fun-to-read pages…Though the panels are flippant and funny, the message is absolutely terrifying.’ – Ottawa Citizen

‘We need a new Messiah – or failing that, Kate Evans.’ George Monbiot

‘If you think this all sounds a bit weird, you would be totally right – but then the best cartoons often are.’ Dominic Murphy, Guardian.




























There’s more! Get the book direct from the publishers here, or order the ebook for ipad here.

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One Comment on “Funny Weather”

  1. Still just as brilliant as it was fifteen years ago! The 50p comic edition should be compulsory reading for every household. I bought both the comic and the paperback from you in 2006. Well done for putting it on the web!! It is really good!

    Why not e-mail it to every MP and member of the House of Lords and every other Council or body that can change policy. Certainly every candidate for the Green party should have read a copy.

    I do not know if it has been updated to show frequency of fires, downpours, mean annual sea temperature, force of hurricanes etc since 2006. We need hard data presented in a funny, but reliable, way – with referencing of sources.

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