#ChickenCoup. The Eagle has landed!

#ChickenCoup This cartoon is a reaction to the news that Angela Eagle launched a leadership bid against Jeremy Corbyn. I do wish that the Labour party would concentrate on fighting the Tories rather than each other.  

Merry Christmas and all that.

Massive <3 to John McDonnell for defending his Who’s Who entry (“hobbies: fermenting world revolution”) on the Today programme. “Oh no, I don’t regret it at all.”

Not bad for a Sunday morning scribble.

I spent last Sunday morning drawing Jeremy Corbyn in coloured pencils (because it’s quicker than ink). I stuck it up on Facebook and twitter, and felt guilty about the kids spending three hours in front of CBeebies. I didn’t even load it onto my blog. Looks like I hit a nerve. Check out these viewing figures! More viral than my … Read More