Dr Rosa Luxemburg at the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution

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Passionate, brave, with a steely intellect and an unshakable commitment to revolutionary socialism, Dr Rosa Luxemburg was a towering figure of the twentieth century. Kate Evans, artist and author, will reveal how she conceived and executed the ambitious and highly acclaimed work Red Rosa: a cartoon biography of Rosa Luxemburg. Dr Rory Castle Jones of Swansea University is on the … Read More

‘Partners too’ – illustrations from the partner’s perspective

The partner’s experience is usually overlooked when women miscarry. The Miscarriage Association sought to rectify that, and commissioned these illustrations based on interviews with partners, both men and women. You can see them here with the quotes from those interviews, or you can view them below without captions. Dr Petra Boynton, writing in the Lancet, explores how the emotional impact of miscarriage on … Read More

The Battle of Brynhenllys

Brynhenllys Farm, Cwmtwrch, South Wales. Bulldozed for an opencast coal mine, October 1995. We fought them on the beeches…       This cartoon appears in Copse: the Cartoon book of Tree Protesting.