“How do you beat that for interpretative biographical commentary?”

Red Rosa has 23 pages of doubled-columned scholarly notes at the back of the book explaining the basis of virtually every dialogue balloon and every panel of narrative. When you read Red Rosa, flipping between the notes and the narrative, it feels like a hologram of ideas because you see… artsjournal.com

“Highly informative, very funny, inspiring, heartbreaking and very beautiful…”

Who was Rosa Luxemburg? In Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg, the artist and writer Kate Evans and editor Paul Buhle have produced a magnificent answer. It provides, with great originality and flair, distinctive dimensions that help us to see Rosa Luxemburg in new ways – a remarkable accomplishment. Paul le Blanc, Socialist Worker

“Impressively scholarly, brimming with forensic detail…”

In a recent Morning Star interview with Kate Evans about Red Rosa, her sense of revelation at the richness and topicality of Luxemburg’s political thought and discourse was crystal clear. That sense of sisterhood grew with the design of each page and Evans’s no-holds-barred approach has resulted in a gripping narrative… Morning Star      

“Christmas 2015: the best seven graphic novels.”

At a time when vilification of the Left is pervasive, and corporate-led capitalism seems to have triumphed resoundingly, squeezing out any space to think about better alternatives, it is good, and necessary, to have Kate Evans’s Red Rosa (Verso, £9.99), a graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg, Polish-German socialist and Marxist ideologue and founder of the ‘Spartacus League’, which was to…  Independent.  

Broadly interview: Rosa Luxemburg, the cat lady

[This interview by Colette Shade is from Broadly, the women’s bits of Vice] Doomed revolutionary, a sexual renegade, a dynamo with a limp, and a prescient critic of both capitalism and Bolshevism, Rosa Luxemburg’s extraordinary life has always deserved a wider audience. Full of travel, political drama, sexual freedom and intellectual feuds — Luxemburg’s journey out of Poland to becoming … Read More

“What better way to make Historical Materialism interesting and gettable?”

The perfect book for socialist-curious: RED ROSA: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg by Kate Evans, in the spirit of the For Beginners and Introducing graphic novel series. But this book is better! Longer, and with more detail about Luxemberg’s really fascinating life: a supersmart polish immigrant in France/Germany who got her PhD in Economics when most women couldn’t even… Comics Bulletin

Interview on Red Rosa: Truth Out talk artistic process and economic prescience

[This article by Joe Macaré accompanies Truth Out’s feature of Red Rosa as its Progressive Pick] Red Rosa‘s author is British cartoonist Kate Evans, hailed by the Guardian’s Steve Bell as “one of the most original talents in comics I’ve seen in a long time.” Truthout spoke with Evans about how the project came to be, how Luxemburg’s prose inspired … Read More

Drawing out Rosa Luxemburg’s gender identity

[This article was first featured in the journal e-international relations] My name was put forward as the author/artist of Red Rosa, a graphic biog-raphy of Rosa Luxemburg precisely because the editor Paul Buhle was looking for a female graphic novelist to take the project on. This article will explore how I form representations of Luxemburg’s gender identity in the work and … Read More