Children of Calais.

I can draw pictures. That’s something I can do. I could sort clothes in the L’Auberge du Migrants warehouse, or distribute donations in the Calais Jungle, or carry firewood and build benders in the Dunkirk refugee swamp, but I decide to draw pictures, not of people, but for people. For people who have very little; not even a country to … Read More

Iowa Caucus

The US presidential nomination soap opera is more compelling than usual.

Radio Rosa

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Two audio interviews about Red Rosa: Interview with Mitchel Cohen, WBIA radio New York. Francesca Rheannon: The Writer’s Voice podcast (also contains fascinating interview with Ted Rall about Edward Snowden).

Broadly interview: Rosa Luxemburg, the cat lady

[This interview by Colette Shade is from Broadly, the women’s bits of Vice] Doomed revolutionary, a sexual renegade, a dynamo with a limp, and a prescient critic of both capitalism and Bolshevism, Rosa Luxemburg’s extraordinary life has always deserved a wider audience. Full of travel, political drama, sexual freedom and intellectual feuds — Luxemburg’s journey out of Poland to becoming … Read More

Interview on Red Rosa: Truth Out talk artistic process and economic prescience

[This article by Joe Macaré accompanies Truth Out’s feature of Red Rosa as its Progressive Pick] Red Rosa‘s author is British cartoonist Kate Evans, hailed by the Guardian’s Steve Bell as “one of the most original talents in comics I’ve seen in a long time.” Truthout spoke with Evans about how the project came to be, how Luxemburg’s prose inspired … Read More

Merry Christmas and all that.

Massive <3 to John McDonnell for defending his Who’s Who entry (“hobbies: fermenting world revolution”) on the Today programme. “Oh no, I don’t regret it at all.”

21st Century Cop Out

A comic history of the COP climate negotiations. “I laughed so much I nearly choked.” – Susan, Indonesia. This cartoon first appeared as part of New Internationalist’s excellent online coverage of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit.