We are all boiling frogs…

Cartoons from my regular strip in New Internationalist Magazine. We are all boiling frogs.   Image description: two frogs in a pan of water on a gas ring. First frog exclaims, in anguish, “Melting ice! Record-breaking temperatures! Unexpected flooding! We should be worried about climate change RIGHT NOW!!!”. Second frog is laid-back and unworried. “Oh, you’re such a doom-monger. Why can’t … Read More

Iowa Caucus

The US presidential nomination soap opera is more compelling than usual.

Merry Christmas and all that.

Massive <3 to John McDonnell for defending his Who’s Who entry (“hobbies: fermenting world revolution”) on the Today programme. “Oh no, I don’t regret it at all.”

Not bad for a Sunday morning scribble.

I spent last Sunday morning drawing Jeremy Corbyn in coloured pencils (because it’s quicker than ink). I stuck it up on Facebook and twitter, and felt guilty about the kids spending three hours in front of CBeebies. I didn’t even load it onto my blog. Looks like I hit a nerve. Check out these viewing figures! More viral than my … Read More

Threads. The Calais cartoon.

Eight hundred and fifty thousand people fled for their lives to Europe last year. (At least three thousand four hundred and six people died in the Mediterranean sea.) Of that great mass of people, a few thousand have washed up Calais, France, trying to attempt the dangerous crossing to England. By the French and British governments, they’ve been hung out to dry.   … Read More


Some things are way too obvious for a cartoon. Instead, here’s a picture inspired by the Today programme’s complete inability to report today’s news.    


Today, in a country which is becoming rapidly more unequal, and where rising numbers of people are reliant on food banks, including those in work, the Government reveals exactly how they are booting more people into the poverty trap (that they abolished the definition of last week). – People claiming tax credits used to be able to earn £6480 a … Read More

Welfare Queen

A cartoon to commemorate the christening of the laverly Princess Charlotte Gawd-Bless-er-Little-Cotton-Socks.    

NHS plc

They privatised the NHS. Did anyone notice yet? You can buy a printable poster version of this cartoon here.