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If you go to the British Library website, and browse Home > Learning  > History  > Dreamers & Dissenters  > Counter Culture  > Disruption > Treehouses and tunnels (a lovely chain, of which I am proud) then you will find… Copse.    


This cartoon is mainly a send-up of life at Lifespan/Townhead Collective housing co-op, with some Glaneirw, some Orchardton and a bit of Two Piers housing co-op in Brighton thrown in. You’ll find it funny if you’ve ever lived somewhere where everyone has learned not to answer the telephone.              

Cosmic hitching

Some subcultural cartoons about hitching, hippies and headlice.              

Ten Thousand Trees

Ten thousand words from ‘Ten Thousand Trees’, the chapter from Copse: the Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting which details the fight against the Newbury bypass. All photos copyright Andrew Testa, and where indicated, Sarah McLaughlin and Alan Lodge The Newbury bypass. One nine mile road. Which manages to pass three times through North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and obliterate three … Read More

What would you do for money?

A poem and artoon about global capitalism. This cartoon originally appeared in Copse: the Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting. While we’re on the subject, what would I do for money? This.

The Battle of Brynhenllys

Brynhenllys Farm, Cwmtwrch, South Wales. Bulldozed for an opencast coal mine, October 1995. We fought them on the beeches…       This cartoon appears in Copse: the Cartoon book of Tree Protesting.        

The eviction of Claremont Road

The Claremont Road eviction lasted from 28th November to 5th December 1994. I was there for the first 24 hours of it. I watched my future husband being drilled out of a lock-on in the middle of the road, although it would be another four years before we met each other, and seven before we fell in love. I did … Read More

The Criminal Justice Act

was the spur for my initial involvement in political activism. The Tories knew what they were doing when they criminalised raves. The alcohol companies were potentially losing out on billions of pounds of revenues – a situation that has been happily remedied now that vodka, red bull, cocaine abuse and fighting have replaced ecstasy, acid, free love and dancing as the … Read More

The Diggers of George Hill

I used to clean houses on St George’s Hill. It has changed somewhat since Gerrard Winstanley’s time.